SACHOOM2_Let's Dance CRAZY!! Teaser

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公開日時 2018.10.04

다시 돌아온 사춤 시즌2, Let's Dance, CRAZY!! 드디어 티저가 나왔습니다! 2018.10.18 ~ 2018.10.28 대학로 JTN아트홀에서 프리뷰공연이 있습니다. 많이 보러와주세요~! SACHOOM Season2, Let's Dance, CRAZY!! Finally, our TEASER came out! 2018.10.18 ~ 2018.10.28 There will be a preview performance at JTN Arthall in Daehak-ro. Please come and have an enjoyable time:-) 사춤에 대해 더 알고싶다면 CLICK! -web: -Facebook: -Instagram:

「SA.CHOOM2」~Let’s Dance,CRAZY!!~/サチュム2~レッツダンスクレイジー~ ダンスミュージカル予約